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(LUPINEPRO covers both pest control and wildlife removal in one website.  For companies that offer it all LUPINEPRO is the choice for you.  Remember, this entire website is easily customizable by us to meet the individual needs of your business.)


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Commercial Ant Repellents: A Guide to Choosing and Using Them Safely

Description: Reviews various commercial ant repellent products, discussing their effectiveness, safety considerations, and best practices for application in and around the home.   In the dance of man against nature, ants often step onto the stage uninvited,...

The Hidden Invaders: Uncovering and Eliminating Rodent Hideouts

Description: Unveil the secrets of rodent hideouts in your home and learn comprehensive techniques to eliminate and prevent their return. In the heart of every home, there's a tale as old as time – the unwelcome saga of rodents turning cozy corners into hideouts. This...

Safeguarding Sanctuaries: Complete Removal and Repair of Wildlife Damage with Safe and Effective Solutions

In a world where urban landscapes encroach upon the habitats of countless wildlife species, the delicate balance between humans and nature is often disrupted. As these wild creatures adapt to their changing surroundings, conflicts with human structures become...

Safeguarding Your Birdseed: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Squirrels at Bay

Are you tired of watching squirrels raid your bird feeder, leaving your feathered friends with nothing but empty beaks? Fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore a variety of effective strategies to stop those crafty critters from feasting on your precious...

Safe and Secure: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Yard While Ensuring Their Well-being

Raccoons, with their distinctive masks and agile antics, may seem cute from a distance. However, when these clever critters invade your yard, they can wreak havoc on your property. Finding a balance between safeguarding your space and ensuring the safety of raccoons...

Safeguarding Your Sanctuary: Proven Strategies to Keep Rodents at Bay

In the heart of your home, where warmth and comfort reside, there lurks a possibility – uninvited guests, known as rodents. Their presence, a silent whisper in the walls, can disrupt the tranquility of your sanctuary. But fear not, for this article unfolds the...